The third mission of Ehime Global Network is “to build network with various entities in the community, in the country as well as overseas countries to pursue our missions.” We connect people and groups and collaboratively work to achieve our goals.

NGO Counselors

Ehime Global Network was entrusted the project from the ministry of foreign affairs from 2004 and give advices on international NGOs, ODA to the people. We are strong in the topics of education such as development education, international understanding and decade of education of sustainable development (DESD). We also advise networking, hosting events and nurturing leaders of the next generations.

Shikoku NGO Network

Ehime Global Network has been designated to serve as an administration of “Shikoku NGO Network” since 2004 to help other international cooperation NGOs to reciprocally collaborate. We collect information of NGOs in Shikoku, update their websites and release weekly news magazines. We also host “Shikoku NGO Training Seminar” 2 times a year under the cooperation with JICA Shikoku, and participate in “NGO-JICA Roundtable” meetings to share information.

Japan-Mozambique Friendship Association

Ehime Global Network serves as an administrative office of “Japan-Mozambique Friendship Association” from 2006 to strengthen friendly relationship between the two countries. EGN prepared and arranged the exchange programs when people of Mozambique visited Ehime and vice versa.

Community Restaurant Network in Shikoku

The concept of “Community Restaurant” is a citizens’ participatory community activity model with food as a center by NPO Training Center, and a community restaurant serves as a core facility. From 2010, EGN serves as an office of “Community Restaurant Network Shikoku” to moderately collaborate the restaurants owners within Shikoku. We conduct management activities to release/share information of such restaurants nationwide and host seminars.

Discovery Ride by Cogway Shikoku

Under the motto of the “bicycle connects the world”, a civic group called Cogway (“cog” literally means “pedaling” a bike in Japanese) hosted an event “Shikoku Discovery Ride”. This annual event, started in 2011, was to go around the Shikoku Island by bicycle while mingle with local people. While cycling, participants feel, find and enjoy unique cultures and scenery of four different prefectures and ultimately, they can transcend the barriers of languages, religions, or ideologies. Ehime Global Network has supported the discovery ride.