About Ehime Global Network

In February 1998, Ehime Prefectural International Center (EPIC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s Shikoku Branch Center jointly held an introductory seminar on international cooperation, and Ms. Yoshiko Takeuchi (founder and president of Ehime Global Network), acted as a coordinator, called on regular study meetings on the related issues. In April the participants formed a group named “International Cooperation Study Group”. After series of studies in July, Takeuchi and the participants decided to form a network organization in a local town in Ehime to tackle global issues, more concretely we decided to establish a base for people in Ehime to connect to the world. With such wishes, we changed the name to Ehime Global Network (EGN). After years of tireless activities, on October 6, 2005, Day of International Cooperation, EGN was officially became a non-profit organization.

International activities that EGN has been tackling cover a broad range of issues including peace building, environmental preservation, observing human rights, and education. Then we set 3 missions and pursue the development under the same perspective for both local and beyond the border.

1. EGN encourages citizens as people on an equal ground to participate in cooperation activities to support social and economic independence for the people who need them.

2. EGN expedites international cooperation activities to prevail education for global citizens in order to realize multicultural society.

3. EGN tries to establish various networks with citizens and other organizations in local communities in Japan as well as overseas countries.

In addition to these 3 missions above, EGN set the vision of “realizing a sustainable society where all the people in the world live peacefully".

Incidentally, EGN is often called “WAKUWAKU (onomatopoeia of getting excited)” among local people, and this nickname is found even in the articles of the organization. This name came up when the original members were thinking of the name. Although the global issues are devastating and intricately intertwined, we have to overcome those problems with fresh and exciting views. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future, so let’s get excited about challenging. We tackle the issue with excitement.